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Making the right connection, finding the perfect doctor

Lee 健康 初级护理 Providers: Family Doctors for Lifelong Care

With the help from your Lee Physician Group's primary care physicians, you will have guidance from expert physicians in everyday care, preventative health and chronic conditions. 在Lee 健康, finding a primary care physician that you connect with is simple, convenient and comfortable for the whole family. Whether you need medications, 接种疫苗, or follow-up care, your doctor is there to help you navigate the best treatment options.

Our physicians take the time to listen and make you comfortable so that you can work together on an overall health care plan. Find a primary care physician today that is the perfect fit to provide you and your family the exceptional care that you deserve.

初级护理 位置 Near Me

Providing a variety of services conveniently located in communities across Southwest Florida, Lee 健康 primary care locations are designed for an exceptional patient experience.

Lee 健康 初级护理 Treatment and 服务

  • Preventive Screenings
  • Routine Check-Ups
  • 接种疫苗
  • 健康 Risk Assessment
  • 男性健康
  • 老年护理
  • Sports Medicine
  • Referrals to Specialists
  • 儿科
  • Personalized Counseling on Maintaining a 健康y Lifestyle
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Conditions
  • Family Planning and Gynecological Screenings

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Learn 更多的 About Our 初级护理 服务

Click an image below to learn more about primary care services available with Lee 健康. Lee Physician Group's primary care physicians work closely with your care teams to provide you compassionate care for your whole life.

New Estero Location - We’re in Your Neighborhood

Lee 健康 University Highlands is a two-story, primary care office and outpatient center providing care to the community of Estero. Our new state-of-the-art facility offers a variety of primary care services. Learn more here about the LPG 家庭医学 at University Highlands and how to make an appointment. 

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Looking for Pediatric 初级护理?

Are you an adult in need of pediatric primary care services? Please click below.

Making Your 健康 Care a Priority

在Lee 健康 we offer a variety of resources to keep you and your family living a happy, 健康的生活. Learn more about how Lee 健康 is increasing access to health care for the uninsured and underserved through Lee Community 健康care. As well as focusing on long-term health goal programs supported by Lee 健康 Solutions.

  • Lee Community 健康care

    Helping community members navigate care options and find access to doctors, 测试, 儿科, 妇女的护理, 和更多的.

  • Lee 健康 Solutions

    Lee 健康 Solutions, a department of Lee 健康, offers a team of Registered Nurses, Registered Dietitians, and Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists who will work with you to help develop a plan and provide you with the tools to improve your health, lower your risk for future disease, and/or help you manage your chronic disease to improve your quality of life.

Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Safe

It’s important to keep you, your children, and your loved ones safe all year long. Injury Prevention at Lee 健康 provides tips on preventing injuries & staying safe for both adults & 孩子们. Learn more here. 

  • Injury Prevention

    在Lee 健康 our goal is to promote effective approaches to injury prevention and control through education, 宣传, data collection and evaluation.

Stay Up to Date on Your COVID-19 接种疫苗