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Lee Health Podcasts

A collection of our podcasts

Our Latest Podcast Episodes

  • Ep. 10: Relax and Recharge - The Power of Breathwork

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Join Kiersten Cato, yoga instructor and fitness professional at Lee Health Coconut Point, to learn all about breathwork and meditation. Learn about the benefits, how you can start, and how you can make this practice work for any lifestyle. Also follow along for some real-time examples!

  • Ep. 9: Healthy Sleep Habits - It's a Third of Your Life

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Join Dr. Jose Colon, adult and pediatric sleep medicine specialist at Lee Health, as he talks about sleep hygiene, treatments for better sleep, how sleep medicine can help you, and everything else you need to know to rest better in these stressful times.

  • Ep. 8: Behavioral Health - The Healing Power of Therapy

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Nicole Liberto, director of Behavioral Health at Lee Health, joins us to discuss behavioral health programs: what they are, how they work, and how you can get the resources and help you need.

  • Ep. 7: The Future is Now

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Two experts are here to update the community on all the exciting new things happening at Lee Health - things that improve convenience, increase education, and ensure community members can take an active role in their health.

  • Ep. 6: Our Generous Community - Kids Minds Matter and Philanthropy

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Join Anne Frazier of the Lee Health Foundation to discuss the philanthropic wing of Lee Health and initiatives like Kids' Minds Matter, which helps children throughout our region.

  • Ep. 5: Rewarding Rehab - Programs and Services and Lee Health

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Join Lee Health expert Diana Rippl for a discussion about the benefits of rehabilitation, the simple act of breathing, and the Schroth method for scoliosis.

  • Ep. 4: Influencing & Outreach - The Power of Healthy Lee

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Stephanie Wardein, system director for community affairs at Lee Health, joins us to discuss Healthy Lee--a group of local organizations who have come together for one thing: To help Lee County residents live healthier lives.

  • Ep. 3: Plant-Based Diet - What You Need to Know

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Join Erika Graziani, a registered dietitian at Lee Health, as she talks about trends in the world of food and nutrition.

  • Ep. 2: Healthy Habits for Children

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Join Dr. Denise Drago, a pediatric primary care physician, for tips on healthy eating habits, how to reduce your child’s screen-time, and what to expect at your child’s next doctor’s appointment.

  • Ep. 1: Lee Health Solutions - Feel Educated and Empowered

    Living the Healthy Life Podcasts

    Rowe Hudson, director of Lee Health Solutions, takes you through in-person and virtual events for diabetes, pain, medical nutrition—things you need to ward off future health complications.